Whatever it is that you want to get out of your hobby, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can give you it all!

You can experience:

  • Weight loss

  • Improved cardio-vascular fitness and core strength

  • A full body workout

  • A fun way to build discipline and confidence

  • Learning potentially life saving self-defence skills

  • True personal self-development

  • Improved mood

  • An overall fantastic way to make new friends while learning something new


What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport that teaches any sized person how to defend themselves against any adversary by using leverage and proper technique. The Gracie family, the founders of BJJ, modified judo and traditional Japanese jujutsu to create the art, testing their art against practioners of Karate, Kung fu, Muay Thai, Tae kwon do, aikido and emerging victorious every single time.

It contains stand-up throws, but it is most famous for its devastating ground-fighting techniques. Gaining superior positioning and control of the adversary—so one can apply the style’s numerous chokes, holds, locks and joint manipulations—is the key in BJJ.

Is Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Right for Me?

Absolutely, BJJ is great for everyone of all ages and sexes. Whatever your aims, BJJ will serve you well. If you are an existing martial artist looking to cross-train for MMA you will find no better art than BJJ. If self-defence is what you are looking for, again BJJ’s grappling style is ideal for helping you protect yourself in most fight situations. If you want to keep fit the live sparring is an excellent cardio exercise. If competition is your thing there are a number of local and national tournaments that our members take part in under the expert coaching of David Morcegao.

Do I Have to Compete?

No-one is under any pressure at all to compete, however a large number of our members do, and are strongly supported by the coaching team as competition is a great way to improve your skill levels in a safe tournament environment. It is perfectly possible to train and progress through the gradings without competition, but competition will boost your progress exponentially.

What does the training look like?

A typical class consists of a short warm up to prepare the body for exercise, followed by technique practice and then onto live resistance drilling and free sparring. We would recommend training at least twice per week but it is up to you to train as little or as much as you wish. We have a range of classes to match any student’s ability and schedule.

I’ve never done a martial art before, will I fit in?

Absolutely! BJJ is great for beginners. The training environment is incredibly friendly and we have a range of different abilities in classes all training and working together as a team. The training environment is also very safe and we have a great welcoming atmosphere for new students and visitors. Come along and see for yourself by watching or taking part in our Beginner’s Course.

Is it for Women?

Of course! BJJ is an excellent martial art for women, for health, fitness or self-defence. The very ethos of Jiu Jitsu is that a smaller and weaker person can defend themselves using correct leverage and technique!

What Kit will I need?

Nothing special for your trial or first few lessons, just loose fitting clothes, unless you’re certain you want to spend on good kit. if you are, these are good options:

Basic uniform: http://amzn.to/2usjcLs

Premium uniform: http://amzn.to/2uMceAg

Gumshield (recommended but not essential): http://amzn.to/2uLYepV

What is the Training Schedule?


6:00pm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals
7:00pm – 8:30pm Luta Livre (Nogi/Submission Grappling)


12:00-13:00 Daytime BJJ Class (By Arrangement Only)

6:00pm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals
7:00pm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Drills and Sparring
8:00pm Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)


6:00pm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals
7:00pm -8:30pm Luta Livre (Nogi/Submission Grappling)


12:00-13:00 Daytime BJJ Class (By Arrangement Only)

6:00pm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals
7:00pm – 8:30pm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open Class


5:00pm BJJ Open Mat
6:00pm – 7:30pm Muay Thai Kickboxing


11:00am Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
12:00 Open Mat


12:30pm Yoga for BJJ
2:00pm BJJ Open Mat